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About the WEROW rigger jigger

The WEROW rigger jigger has been some time in development. After years of repeatedly losing our rowing tools we decided it was time to design our own rigger jigger that was fit for purpose. A rowing spanner that could be easily attached to a lanyard and comfortable to wear. A rowers tool that wouldn’t rust and something that was actually quite wonderful to touch and hold.

The WEROW rigger jigger is the only rowers 10x13 spanner with lanyard

After finding a product engineer we were soon able to print our rigger jigger design. The next step was to find a manufacturer and after 6 months of seeking and interviewing, we found a great manufacturing partner who could work in stainless steel to our specification.

The WEROW rigger jigger comes complete with lanyard and is designed to sit comfortably against the wearer’s chest. Both ends are angled out and the lanyard sits at the back face of the spanner allowing the tool to hang perfectly. At just 61gms the stainless steel rigger jigger is designed to be as light as possible whilst retaining its functional strength.

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The WEROW rigger jigger is available from Amazon. If you would like to sell and distribute the only rowing tool you will ever need in your territory please email us at info@werow.co.uk.